Selenite Swords of Light

Selenite Swords of Light made by Tom Ledder. Various pricing based on length and handle width from 8” to 18+”, this is a representative sample. Please contact me by clicking the button below for current available inventory.


More physical & energetic details of the Selenite Swords of Light are on my About page.

Selenite Sword Cases

For those of you who already have an amazing Selenite Sword of Light I am offering sturdy cases to protect them. They come beautifully covered in many color choices and materials.


These cases are special in that they are super-uber protective for your precious cargo whether you put in in a purse, briefcase, backpack or checked luggage.  The interior is PVC piping covered with soft material and a rubber pad at the bottom to protect it even more.  There is no need to remove the piping insert ever.  You simply slide the sword in and out tip first.  If your end stone does not fit between the piping it is OK to be outside of it, there is enough of the outer case to pad as well as cover the end stones. 

I have added extra special frequencies to each case during the entire process of assembly by chanting Sacred Names of The Divine Mother and Divine Father.  When the cases are finished they are put on my altar in a high vibrational room where more frequency work is completed on the cases with the Ascended Masters. Non-beneficial energies are removed as well with the assistance of the Archangels.  I then invoke many Spiritual Masters to charge the cases, some who are still in form and others who are not.  

They come in a variety of colors for the outer case and the ties. There is a light duty felt fabric and a heavier duty wool blend available.

Size of cases:

  • 12” fit selenite swords up to 12"

  • 15” fits selenite swords from 12.5” up to 15”

  • 18” fit selenite swords from 15.5” up to 18"

  • other sizes  available by special order.

** Please contact me by clicking the button below, these are made to order. Prices range from $35-$50 (depending on the fabric and tie selection) plus shipping.


Powerful activations for use with the Selenite Swords of Light (if you have one), however one is not required. Having a Selenite Sword just amplifies the effect of the activations. Price for the set of all three $30; flash drive or download, also available separately as below.


1) Personal Light Body Activation (18 min), $15

This is powerful Activation for the New Earth.  This new earth is about embodying the 12 chakra system.  This activation aligns that system with the New Earth. This activation is best done daily to fully anchor our light bodies to our physical bodies during this time that the Earth is also shifting.  In this way we are shifting in tandem with the Earths shift which will make ours much smoother.  With this activation we awaken dormant energies in our Light Body.  


  • Subliminals from the activation

  • Subliminal Ajai Alai Mantra (building a radiant body)

  • Light Body Activation Frequencies                      

2) The Path of the Rose Activation (15 min), $15

This activation will accelerate your souls evolution as we align with the New Earth along the Path of the Rose.  It is a powerful practice that will helps to heal the Divine Feminine aspect of you.  This activation brings in the Pink Flame / Rose Ray with a deeper connection to The Sisterhood Of The Rose opening our hearts to Divine Love.


  • Subliminals from the activation

  • Subliminal Shiv Mantra (uplifting our vibration)

  • Heart Chakra Healing Frequencies  

 3) To Be On the Earth But Not Of It (5 min), $5

This is a great short practice especially for sensitive people and empaths.  Your purpose is to express and experience who you are as an aspect of the Divine, shining your light wherever you go.  Yet there are so many of us who are sensitive to energies whether it is from others or the environment we live or work in and that can be an isolating or a painful experience.  This practice if done consistently every day before you leave your house will help you keep your own frequency and life force within your body, mind and energy field while allowing you to be ON the Earth without being OF it. 


  • Subliminals for Protection 

  • Subliminal Durga Mantra (protection and releasing negativity)

  • Violet Flame Frequencies