I have been exploring the effects of transformation and shifts in consciousness for most of my adult life.  I have traversed the gamut of pain, fear and suffering into healing, surrendering to Divine Will, and remembering who I really am and why I am here at this time at this place with this soul family. 

I believe that we must be guided by our attention to joy and what lifts us up as well as to the contrast of what feels contracted and what we do not want ….. all teaching and showing us as a sacred signpost urging us on to greater awareness.  Both are great teachers.  It is up to each of us to listen to the signs we see either in our outer world with partners, family, other people or with situations in our lives as mirrors to our inner state.  It is time to look to our inner world for our guidance of thoughts and feelings.  Ultimately our journey is in the inner, an inside out job, with our higher self who knows us so well for so many lifetimes and is our greatest fan.  We have been taught to focus outside of ourselves.Our own guidance is always there in the heart, we have only to learn to tap in to that space and to feel everything from our heart.  This is the New Earth, the Golden Age where mind/ego is learning to take a back seat to place of the heart, of the divine feminine.

What I do will enhance what you do. I believe it is so helpful to traverse this new earth with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide who is skilled in many areas of healing who can lead you to trust your own answers as you move into greater awareness.  As a part of my own personal journey I have spent over two decades of study, self-inquiry, self-healing, and have mentored all over the world with shamans, philosophers, and avatars of higher consciousness, earth keepers, wisdom holders, ascended masters, and crystal beings rediscovering the mind-body-soul connection and learning about magic and frequencies. This precious toolbox of wisdom as well as my life informs my work and my guides assist me in assisting you to what is needed in the present moment.  

Are you READY to wake up every day feeling so alive and so happy and connected living in the present moment. YOU are your own best asset and I can show you how to engage with life in a new way, to awaken your hidden genius to THRIVE like you have never truly lived before.  I believe in YOU!

Are you ready? 

You can continue to live your life as it is today or you can learn another way, an easier way, by awakening and connecting to infinite intelligence.
— Gail Hagenbuch
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